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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Models - Twice as Much Fun!

Susan Ohle

Susan Ohle

Kristen Easler

Jean Lauzon

Karen Whelpley

Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Julie Doorbos

Sheryl Crowell

Curtis Swinburne

Elizabeth Wolfe

Matt Austin

Dave Honaker

Ed King

artists retain the copyright to all of the images posted

Art First wishes to thank all of the talented artists who joined us last night for "Uninstructed Figure Drawing". Thanks also, to our two perfect models who sat for us. Mary and Imani inspired us with their beautiful, delicate poses. It was our first attempt with two models, in two separate rooms and was a resounding success. The models enjoyed it and the artists had room for broad strokes. We'll do that again!

Anyone with questions or concerns, or anyone interested in modeling for us, please contact Susan Ishii at

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